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About our Privacy Policy, links, copyrights, etc., for this website

The following describes the Privacy Policy at Toshiki Pigment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Toshiki"), conditions for linking to this website (, copyright issues, a disclaimer, and other information related to this site.

1. Privacy Policy
1) We will do our utmost to protect your privacy.
2) The personal information that you provide when using the services on this website will be managed with due consideration to protecting your privacy.
3) We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than to provide information about Products and services, etc. However, when such product or service information is delivered in a manner other than via this website, i.e., via printed matter, etc., there may be cases where your personal information is supplied to a third party contract mailing service, etc., within the limits necessary for delivery.

· Collection of Personal Information
When you register with this website, or when you place an order for a service, you may be asked to voluntarily provide your personal information in a questionnaire or other form, etc., as necessary. When we ask you to provide personal information in such a case, we will clearly indicate the main purpose for the use of that information.

· Use of Personal Information
The use of your personal information by this website is strictly in order to enable us to provide you with information about Products and services, etc. However, the use of personal information in the following special cases may also be considered to fall within the acceptable range.
1) When consent is obtained directly from you.
2) When it is required due to a legal obligation that Toshiki must obey.
3) When it is required in order to protect important matters like your life, health, property, etc.
4) In other cases that Toshiki determines it to be necessary.

· Disclosure of Personal Information
Your personal information may be disclosed byToshikiwhen it becomes necessary to do so by law, or when the act of disclosure is determined to be necessary toward the following purposes.
1) In order to abide by a legal order or to obey legal documents that have been received in relation to Toshiki or to this website.
2) In order to protect or defend the rights or property of Toshiki, this website, or you.

· Use of Cookies
In order to make this website more convenient to use, we may employ the technology known as "cookies". Cookies are small bits of information that our web server sends to your browser application in order to facilitate your use of the Internet, and that data may be stored as a file on your computer. When cookies are used, our web server is able to track which pages you visited. Although the use of cookies also enables us to identify the computer that you are using, it does not allow us to discern your individual identity. It is possible to disable cookies by making the corresponding setting in your browser. Contact the company that provides your browser for the method of setting the cookies in that application.

· Others Cautions About Personal Information
Toshiki is in no way responsible for the security of your personal information on other websites linked to thissite. Be certain to confirm you're yourself the measures in regard to personal information on websites other than ours, such as their protection plan and Privacy Policy.

2. Links
· If you wish to post a link to our website, first confirm the conditions below, and then send the name of your company, the name of the person in charge of the link, their contact address and phone number, and your company's URL in advance to

· All links should be to the top page of this website ( Inquire separately in regard to links to any other page than our top page.

· Do not display this website in an individual frame on your site.

· Once the link has been placed online, send the name of the person in charge of the link, their contact address, and the URL of the page on which the link is located to the above e-mail address.

· Send all other inquiries about links to the above e-mail address.

· As the site being linked to, Toshiki is in no way responsible in regard to demands for compensation from a third party or any other kind of complaint, grievance, claims, etc.,in relation to our website.

3. Copyrights
· All information made available on this website, including text, photographs, images, and audio data, is protected by copyright laws. The whole of this website is also protected under copyright laws as a "compilation", and is protected by both the Japan Copyright Act and international treaties.

· All or a part of the contents of this website may be quoted, reprinted or reproduced, as long as it is for non-profit purposes, the source is indicated in an appropriate manner, and it is accomplished as an act recognized under copyright laws, such as for private use or for purposes of quotation. Send all related inquiries by e-mailto However, the corresponding warning must be followed in the case of any content indicated with a caveat such as "Unauthorized use is strictly forbidden", etc.

· Neither this website, nor any portion thereof, may be modified without our expressed consent.

4. Disclaimer
Although we have taken all possible measures to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied on this website, Toshiki is not responsible in any way for any acts that are performed based on the information that is on this website.

5. Other
The contents of this website may be revised or deleted without prior notice.

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