Corporate Message and Philosophy



Step advance action to provide the best solution and result to our partners

TOSHIKI's hospitality mind is a major backbone of TOSHIKI's company policy and concept. TOSHIKI, as CMS company which stand for Cosmetic Manufacturing Service, provides the best solution with partner's high satisfaction based on TOSHIKI's hospitality minds. TOSHIKI always establishes good partnership with not only suppliers but also customers, and grow up together.
Moreover, TOSHIKI enhances TOSHIKI's value in cosmetic industry through our new marketing concept, "TOSHIKI PRISM".

Corporate philosophy

CMS for CMS - Cosmetic Manufacturing Service for Customer's Maximum Satisfaction

- Constantly searching for greater value for our customers -

Toshiki Pigment is a specialized OEM contract manufacture of cosmetics; having converted to a promotion-oriented business premised on strengthening the development, marketing and production functions of our customers, we provide comprehensive services, from formulation that starts with material development and manufacture to product commercialization and quality assurance.

- Basic Management Policy -

Corporate Mission Our mission is to continually bring beauty to people by creating products that are based on an understanding of the desires of the cosmetic industry.
Business Policy We provide comprehensive services for establishing marketing, development, production and quality assurance functions that originate in the latent needs of the market and of our customers. We work to share those benefits with others in the cosmetic industry as well as to provide a high level of benefits to our employees.
Code of Conduct · Prioritize quality
· Prioritize the delivery schedule
· Prioritize cost
Domains We provide integrated solutions from raw material development to product marketing.
Corporate Slogan Honestly, Appropriately, and More Beautifully