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Work Flow

We make development-support smoothly from plan to commercial production.

Work flow from plan to commercial production

Total marketing support

- Creativity and R&D Capabilities -

Based on the latest marketing and user needs, Toshiki Pigment is constantly searching for future products , advancing research and development as well as the content of our proposals. Based on the know-how and technological capabilities that we have accumulated over these many years, we are able to develop and propose products predominant in the marketplace or that fit our customers' particular needs, from the development of surface processing powder raw materials with added value to makeup and foundation cosmetics.
We also provide total marketing support through proposals that combine the current market environment and trend reports for product development with effective approaches to promoting that product.


- Safety and Stability -

Makeup and other cosmetic products must naturally display a cosmetic effect, but it is also important that they not cause skin trouble and do not collapse during use. In order to assure such quality, Toshiki Pigment strives to ensure safety and stability by collecting safety and technical information from around the world. we also select raw materials and of combining those materials from safety point of view.

Quality assurance system

- Quality Assurance Department Activities -

Prior to delivery to our customers, each product is subjected to strict in-process inspection and final verification of numerous characteristics in order to ensure that they meet the design specifications. Our Quality Assurance Department manages customer-specific plans and conducts acceptance, processing and final inspections. Feedback to production is also carried out based on data from third parties toward maintaining and further improving quality.